Gastro-intestinal health


How do I make my GI System healthy again?

  • Healthy diet/life style.
    • Stop smoking.
    • Limit alcohol intake.
    • Stop unnecessary taking of antibiotics.
    • Stop stomach acid lowering drugs if you already have low stomach acid levels. Read GI: Low acid levels in stomach.
    • Eat “whole foods”.
    • Drink water without chlorine.
    • Limit processed foods to the minimum.
    • Limit meat intake.
    • Limit “sugar” intake.
    • Fermented Food.
      • Read about Kefir
      • Read about Fermented vegetables.
      • General.
        • By taking fermented foods it will start normalizing the ‘good’ bacteria in your GI System with all its benefits.
        • It will normalize the pH in your GIS.  
    • Supplements (if necessary)
      • Betaine Hydrochloride capsules
      • Pepsin tablets.
  • Mouth.
    • Relax when eating.
    • Eat slowly and chew food properly.
    • Practice good mouth hygiene.
  • Stomach.
  • Colon.
    • When following the above advice, your colon will become healthy overtime.
    • To speed it up:
      • Fluid diet for 3 days.
      • Colon cleanses. (Treatment given by Dr. Bouwer)
        • Include ozone treatment.
        • “Probiotic enema.”