About Us

The founder of Ixolo Trading 74 (Pty)Ltd trading as Pre-sure Body & Health, Dr. Cornelius J Bouwer, is a medical practitioner with great interest, knowledge and experience in natural health care. Dr. Bouwer completed his MB.ChB at Stellenbosch University, South Africa in 1986. He started a small range of disease specific products in 2004 and has great success in treating people the natural way.

The main aim is to empower you to make a difference in your and your family’s health with the necessary knowledge about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for disease management. We aim to do this in a STEP-BY-STEP and easy to follow manner.  In addition and distinguishing us from the many other companies in the field, we provide disease specific products to make life easier for the consumer.

By educating the public, they can learn how, by following a healthy lifestyle, certain prescribed medications may eventually become unnecessary and even certain natural supplements may also be reduced. .

Certain supplements will however always be necessary and sometimes in substantial quantities, especially initially when embarking on the lifestyle change.  This may be a costly exercise.  Many people will be unable to afford these products at the pharmacies and health shops. Pre-sure Body & Health would like to make it affordable for you to embark on and maintain the healthy lifestyle you are aiming for.